How To Choose A Termite Control Company

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation in your home, or you need an inspection prior to buying a home, the first place to call is a termite control company, which specializes in the identification and eradication of termites. Many termite control companies offer their services in San Diego, so you have multiple exterminators to choose from. How do you choose a termite control company in San Diego?

The most tempting way is to choose the company that gives you the lowest price. Be careful, though! Every company prices their services differently, so it may be challenging to correctly compare quotes. Additionally, not every company will suggest the same type of treatments, so Company A could provide a lower price than Company B simply because Company A offers an inferior treatment. Lastly, you get what you pay for. A cheaper price tag may mean cheaper service. A faulty treatment could fail to exterminate all the termites in your home or make it easy for new termites to infest again.

When comparing termite control companies in San Diego, look beyond price to these other features:

Clear Communication

You want to work with a termite inspector who can explain to you in plain English what he or she discovered when inspecting your home. If the inspector does discover evidence of termite damage, then he or she should explain your options and be very clear about the pricing. This individual should also be respectful of you, your home, your family and your pets.

Extermination Options

There is more than one way to kill a termite! Treatment options vary depending on the size and location of the infestation and even the type of termite that has decided to take up residence in your home. Your termite control company should be able to explain the different treatment options available to you and provide a recommendation based on your particular situation. If your termite inspector tries to push you into a single high-cost option, beware, especially if he or she can’t provide a good reason for the recommendation.


Any good termite control company in San Diego should be able to provide you with referral to previous clients. Call these people and ask them about their experience with your potential termite control company. Did they feel that the inspector was honest, respectful and communicative? Have they had any trouble with termites since the extermination? If so, did the termite control company re-treat the affected areas?

It is always a good idea to seek multiple quotes before making a decision to hire a termite extermination company in San Diego. Best-Rate Pest Control wants to compete for your business. Give us a call to schedule an inspection of your home today.