How To Prepare Your Home

Tented home

Keep your family, pets, and food safe during fumigation.

No homeowner looks forward to fumigating their home, but termites happen, and fumigation is oftentimes the most effective treatment. If your termite inspection has revealed a termite infestation and your home has a date with a pretty striped tent, then make sure the fumigation is as successful as possible by preparing your home correctly. You want to make sure you keep your family and food safe while ensuring that the termites have nowhere to hide.

Family and Pets

Termite fumigation utilizes toxic chemicals to kill the colony of termites infesting your home. This fumigant will eventually disperse leaving your home absolutely safe to re-enter. However, you must make sure you and your family are out of the home during the fumigation. Your pest control contractor will tell you exactly how long the fumigation will take, but expect to be out of your home for at least a few days. All people, pets, and plants need to be removed from the house for their safety.

Food and Medicine

The fumigant is extremely effective at killing termites. Before the fumigation begins, your pest control company will give you special Nylofume bags that will be able to protect your food from the gas. You’ll want to double-bag all food items that have been opened. Plastic, metal, or glass jars and cans that are still manufacturer sealed (i.e. have never been opened) do not have to be bagged.

Make sure you also double bag all medicines.

Cosmetics, lotions, hygiene products, body wash, shampoo, and other toiletries do not need to be bagged. If you have any questions on whether something should be bagged, give us a call or simply bag it just to be safe.

Drawers, windows, and cabinets

To make sure that the fumigant can get into every nook and cranny, your pest control company will instruct you to open all cabinets, drawers, and doors in your house. You will also need to remove waterproof covers on beds, open blinds, and unplug all heating sources in your home. You don’t want anything flammable to activate with all that fumigant in your home.


To allow a proper seal between the fumigation tent and the ground, please trim back and remove all plants and storage at least 1-2 feet away from the exterior of the structure. Also be sure trees are trimmed and not touching the roof.


Before the fumigation starts, you’ll be asked to hand over your keys to the pest control teams. These keys should open all areas of your home, including drawers, doors, windows, and safes. Bring any important documents or valuables with you if you would prefer not to leave them unsecured in your home.

The Review

This may seem like a lot of preparation, but it’s important to be cautious when dealing with potent chemicals. Don’t feel worried that you might miss something. Your pest control company will review your home before releasing the fumigant to make sure your food sources are safe and all pets and plants have been removed.

If you need termite extermination services and live in San Diego or San Diego County, contact Best-Rate Termite to schedule a termite inspection.