How To Prepare Your Home For Termite Fumigation

home being tented for termites.

A little preparation can make tenting and fumigation a lot less frustrating for homeowners.

No one likes to hear the news that their home has termites, but at least you can knock them out with a single round of fumigation from a qualified pest control company. Fumigation will be mildly disruptive to you and your family, but the hassle is worth preventing the termites from causing further damage to your home! There are things you can do to help make the fumigation process smoother and protect all your important possessions:

Pets and Plants

Any living members of your family should be removed from the home before the fumigation begins. This includes your furry, feathered, and scaled pets, including fish. You should also remove all of your plants. The termite company will be pumping powerful fumigates into your house. The only living creatures you should leave behind are the termites!

Foods and Drinks

The fumigation gas will naturally dissipate once the tent is removed from your home, but you still don’t want it to touch anything that you will be consuming or drinking. All opened food items and drinks should be double bagged in special “Nylofume bags,” which will soon be supplied by Best-Rate Termite. Make sure you also include your medicines, pet food, plant food, and tobacco products. Unopened food and drinks in sealed plastic, glass, or metal containers (cans, jars, boxes) don’t need to be double bagged. Just double check to make sure that the seals are unbroken. If you have a question about whether a food or drink item should be bagged, we suggest bagging it just to be safe.

At Best-Rate Termite, our fumigation experts will assist you with bagging your food and drinks for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about whether you bagged the right items, sealed the bags properly, or missed anything!

Home Interior

It’s important that the gas is able to access every part of your home to make sure it kills all of the termites. Make sure you open all doors, cabinets, closets, blinds, windows, and drawers. Turn off heat sources, as well as attic fans. You’ll also need to give your house to the fumigation expert so he or she can move through your home and unlock any areas to help the fumigate spread more evenly.

Home Exterior

You’ve no doubt seen those big, colorful stripped tents that go over homes during the fumigation process. One of these tents will also blanket your home to help keep the gas trapped inside. Make sure to cut back or remove any plants, shrubs, or ground cover next to your home, or they will get trapped beneath the tent as well. If you have awnings, fences, or trellises right up against your home, these might cause a problem and need to be modified or removed. It’s always a good idea to water the plants and lawn near your home the evening  before the tenting to help protect the roots from the effects of the gas.

If you have any questions about what to expect during the fumigation process, call Best-Rate Termite at 1-760-546-4239.