“May Day I’m Being Eaten Alive.” – Your San Diego Home

House1I am a home in San Diego, California and I just absolutely love that I was born and raised here. What home wouldn’t want to live in San Diego? We have perfect sunny weather with just the right amount of rain.  One thing that is bad about it, is that I am eaten alive by Termites every day!

When Termites eat away at my fascia, they not only cause cosmetic damage but also structural damage. Maybe if I had rain gutters, my fascia wouldn’t be so moist which is know to attract termites. Every day termites eat away at my skeleton. I wake up every morning with pains in my joints; these termites have got to go! I want to stay strong and safe for my family. One thing that scares me is when I feel a tickling sensation in my foundation. Subterranean termites are going to town with their mud tubes and entering into my wood skeleton and damaging me. What am I to do? How can I make sure I am safe for my family? With active infestations of both Drywood Termites and Subterranean Termites I will be a very brittle home in no time. There has got to be a way to fix this. I know I heard a commercial on the radio the other morning about a company called Best-Rate Repair & Termite, maybe they could help. Not only could they get rid of these pesky termites but they could also fix all my damaged wood and make me beautiful and whole again.  It’s time to make that phone call and get someone out here to protect me.

When David arrived I was so excited, I just know he will help make me strong and healthy again. David walked around me looking for all the damage areas and active infestations. With a poke here and a prod their David found a lot of areas that needed to be addressed.

David suggested a fumigation. We will ask your family to leave the home for a couple of days for a mini vacation. One thing that needs to be done before the fumigation is all the wood repair. It is best to have this done prior to the fumigation, that way the new wood is treated and covered under the warranty we offer. We also will need to do a trench and treat around your foundation as the treatment for the Subterranean Termites. This can be done either before or after the fumigation and your family would not have to leave the home for this treatment. After all this is done you will be nice and healthy again.

Yes! I knew Best-Rate Repair and Termite was the company for me. After all the repairs and treatments were done, I immediately felt so much better.

If you have a home in San Diego, California it most likely has or will have termites, just like I did. Please take care of your home and call Best-Rate Repair & Termite.


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