You’re hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year, so you begin to subconsciously give a little extra attention to the blemishes around the house… and then you see poop?!

Everyone’s heard of termites, but most homeowners seem to prefer to keep their blinders on and ignore the possibility that their home may be infested. Easy to do, considering the warning signs are very subtle as you’ll learn below.

Here are 5 Termite Signs to Look for in Your Home:

  1. Hallowed, or Slightly Damaged Wood.

Termites are known to chew through wood in search of cellulose, which leaves behind long grooves in the wood, aiding in eventual structural damage.

  1. Mud Tubes

Tubes roughly the size of a pen are typically visible wherever the ground meets your house. Unfortunately, the environment termites create as they nest underground and make their way up the wood in your home as food, essentially leaves the perfect environment for termites to thrive.

  1. Blisters in Wood Flooring

What can also look like simple water damage; termites feeding within, or below the wood flooring can cause the wood to look “blistered.”

  1. Discarded Termite Wings

When termites swarm out of their nest to mate and create a new colony, they discard their wings, leaving them at your home’s doors, windows, and other common openings.

  1. You See Termite Droppings

Pretty self-explanatory. Termites eat wood, and they don’t want to poop where they sleep, so naturally they create holes throughout their colony to remove their excrements. The mounds of pellets they excrete can resemble saw dust or coffee grounds.

Although these 5 signs are a great way to inspect your home for termites on your own, unfortunately it’s still very possible that your home could be infested without clearly displaying any of the previously mentioned warning signs. Understanding homes as new as 5 years old are just as easily at risk of a termite infection as a 50-year-old home, it wouldn’t hurt to request a completely FREE home termite inspection from a trusted expert with decades of experience.

If you choose to work with Best-Rate Termite, one of our inspectors will carefully review your home and all the favorite termite hangouts, including:

  • The attic
  • The garage
  • Crawlspaces

The inspector can determine if an infestation is active, an estimation of the size of the active colony, or if your home has been previously treated for termites.

Call Best Rate Termite today and we’ll confirm a time and date to complete your FREE termite inspection. All we ask is that you be at your home to let the termite inspector in, and to also be available to speak with the inspector after the inspection.


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