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Best Rate offers termite heat treatments to help protect your home from infestations. Great option for spot treatments or even single units in an apartment or condo complex.  Heat Treatments are attractive as a non-toxic application. Call today for your free inspection to see if your home qualify’s for this treatment.

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Benefits of Heat Treatment

The great advantage to doing heat treatments is this can be done in one day, NO MOVING OUT, NO CHEMICALS, JUST HEAT!. Once the process starts a technician is at your home until the treatment is completed. (Normally an 8-hr. period) An additional advantage is that portions of large structures can be treated separately, which is very useful in apartments and condominiums.

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What is Termite Heat Treatment?

Heat is a specialized treatment to kill insect pests. Temperatures used for this process are surprisingly low. The heat is provided by special propane heaters that are very clean burning and produce a large volume of hot air. As little as 120°F held for ½ hour will kill all life cycles of Drywood Termites. This is similar to the temperature inside a car on a hot summer day, or in a sauna. These temperatures are usually held for 5 to 8 hours to allow the heat to penetrate through the walls and into the wood framing. 

To determine when lethal temperatures have been obtained, small thermocouple wires are inserted into the most difficult to heat wood members around the infestation. These wires lead to digital thermometers, which display the temperature inside the wall. To contain the heat, tarps are suspended from the eaves to the ground outside the treatment area. In the interior, special thermal curtains may be erected to partition the treatment area from the rest of the room. In some situations, an entire room or rooms may be heated. In fact, the entire house can be enclosed and treated when necessary. 

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Our Heat Treatment Process

The length of time the treatment takes varies depending on the size of the areas being treated as well as the weather.  The average length of a heat treatment is approximately 5-8 hours. Your technician will have a much more accurate time for re-entry once at the property.  However, as a minimum you will need to be out of the structure for 9-hours from the time we arrive. This will allow for set up, service, and a cool down period.  During treatment temperatures will range from 135-200 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures the core of targeted wood members reach appropriate internal temperatures allowing us to eradicate all life stages of Drywood Termites.

Tarps may be used to ensure heat is retained on the exterior where wood is exposed. Clips are used to secure these tarps in place during treatment. It is important that the area at least 18 inches from the foundation of the structure (in treatment areas) is clear to accommodate our tarps and equipment.  All vegetation and plants that is inside the treatment area may be affected. As such True Heat Solutions will not be responsible for damaged vegetation or plants.

Upon re-entry you may find items have been moved around as it is a necessary part of the process to ensure heat is applied most effectively. You may find the internal ambient temperature of the structure is warm, but the structure should be allowed to cool naturally. Please do not open vinyl windows or turn on air conditioner(s) for at least 2 hours post treatment.

How does the Heat Treatment Process work?

Treatment: Your inspector will verify any condition in the home/treatment area that will need to be addressed prior to the treatment.

Heat Treatment set up/Installation The technician installs temperature probes in critical areas of the attic/treatment area wood members to make sure the internal temperature of the targeted area has reach the kill range for recommend time for size of wood area to be treated.

The Heater Set up: Shortest path from heater to infestation is found. Drop clothes are laid out in hall ways or along the path to the attic/treatment area to protect your floors/surfaces form the large tube that hot air blows through. The heater is placed outside and is connected to the tube blowing hot air into the treatment area.

Temperatures are recorded of internal wood temperature is periodically checked during the process, to ensure the lethal temperature is met and held for the appropriate time. The treatment temperatures will range from 135 to 200 Degrees.

Wait Before Re-Entry: Best Rate Termite asks that you wait 2 hours after full structure treatment to allow for the structure and your belongings to cool down. Spot treatments to areas such as the attic or garage, no vacating the premises required. You’re technician will let you know if you will need to vacate the premises or not.

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Treatment Preparations

Even though the heat used for this procedure is relatively low, there are some heat sensitive items such as candles, electronics, books, etc. that may be harmed during treatment. A list of these sensitive items is provided. Some items may need to be removed from the treatment area prior to treatment. Items that are too large or are difficult to remove may be protected with special thermal blankets. Our crews perform this procedure. We are capable of providing protection for any and all items that may require such protection. In order to provide this protection, it is important that we be made aware of the existence and location of all sensitive items that remain in the area during treatment. This information should be provided to your Termite Inspector so we can take all necessary precautions. 

Other homeowner preparations may include tying back outside plants around the perimeter. This will allow us to place our tarps behind large plants and avoid covering and damaging them. This can also improve the heat distribution to the wall behind the plant; if this is necessary, we will make you aware of it and provide “how to” instructions. Where a single wall is being treated and isolated from the rest of the room you may need to move all furniture away from that wall (3 or 4 feet is enough). This allows for the hanging of thermal curtains to isolate the heat from the rest of the room. 

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