teddyAnd just like that, August is in full swing. For many of us, that means squeezing in one last hurrah before the days start getting shorter, the kids head back to school, and we all get back to the old grind.

August represents that last chance to relax and take that vacation. While you’ve likely factored in the packing, rented a car and arranged for some neighbor kid to bring your mail inside, termites probably didn’t make it on your long list of to-dos.

But, you may want to rethink your pre-vacation priorities, particularly if you’ve had termites in the past.

Here’s why:

Termites, unlike humans, don’t just look at one another and say, “you know, I really could use a vacation.”

No. Termites are the workaholics of the insect world. The insect equivalent of that co-worker that skips lunch every day in favor of the infamous desk salad.

And, once they’ve set up shop, a termite’s job turns into a high-pressure gig that consists of eating your house at all hours.

Meaning, if the problem goes unnoticed, whether you’re on vacation or otherwise preoccupied, you may find yourself with a weakened foundation and a hefty repair bill on your hands.

How Do They Get In?

Termites can infiltrate your home a few different ways, depending on the species you’re dealing with. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

1.There’s Dampness in Your House

Subterranean termites depend on moisture to survive and thrive. Any lingering leaks–under sinks and appliances, can be a real boon for lurking ‘mites, as can leaky AC units.

Additionally, leaking pipes can be a real problem. It’s a good idea to do a once over before heading out of town, addressing any sources of moisture ahead of time.

2. Or, You’ve Left Food Lying Around

Cellulose is a real termite buffet. Things you wouldn’t normally think twice about pose a risk of allowing termites to infiltrate your home.

Things like firewood or mulch left lying about, or piles of leaves and yard debris, are super attractive to termites. They see anything wood as food–so leftover sticks, and the like–well, they just function as an edible path toward even more food. a

3. Your Home is Wide Open to Attacks

Any open gaps for electrical hookups or spaces between wood boards offer easy access to termites looking for a place to set up shop.

Swarming season is upon us, too. Meaning, adult termites leave their colony in search of a new place to lay their eggs. You’ll want to make sure you haven’t left any “doors” open for termite entry.

Do a quick once around before taking off—seal up any holes or spaces between boards. If you’ve got time, having a professional stop by to lay down bait or a chemical barrier is not a bad idea, either.

So, What’s a Homeowner to Do?

In Southern California, we’ve got unique (or rather, unfortunate) distinction of being a real termite-friendly area. It’s worth noting that termites get free run of any untreated home—multiple lifetimes of free food if you’re not careful.

We say, keep those free loaders at bay and take some action.

If you want to be safe, it’s smart to get an inspection before you set off for your next vacation. Give Best Rate Termite a ring at 858-304-1222, and we’ll stop by for a routine inspection–free of charge.

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