San Diego Exterior Perimeter Termite Treatment

Creating a chemical barrier around your home can help deter subterranean termites from causing damage to your home from the ground up.

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Why Apply a Termite Perimeter Treatment?

The first line of defense is to get termites before they get into your house. Exterior termite treatment is an effective way to prevent termites from entering your home in the first place. Any other termite treatment applied to the house will have a much greater chance of success when using an exterior treatment in conjunction with it. 

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San Diego Exterior Perimeter Termite Treatment

Why Choose Exterior Treatment

Many homeowners prefer this type of treatment over a conventional chemical barrier because it requires less drilling into their slabs or foundation walls. It may also require less overall repellent depending on the specific home. Exterior perimeter treatments may be used in conjunction with localized interior treatments if subterranean termites are discovered inside the home.

Exterior Termite Treatment

Exterior perimeter termite treatment may be an option if your home is at risk of a subterranean termite infestation. The treatment focuses on treating areas adjacent to the exterior foundation wall with chemical repellents. The goal is to repel termites before they have a chance to make direct contact with the home.

San Diego Exterior Perimeter Termite Treatment

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