San Diego Termite Chemical Barriers

Performing chemical barrier treatments around you home will help deter subterranean termites from gaining access to under your home.

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Why Apply Termite Chemical Barriers?

Have you ever heard that the best cure is prevention? The same goes for termites. The best way to treat a termite infestation is to prevent one from ever happening. One way to do this is to set up a chemical barrier around your home that stops termites from entering your home. This chemical barrier doesn’t kill termites; rather, it acts to repel them so that they don’t even want to try munching on your home

The Termite Inspection Report

The chemical barrier is usually placed in the soil around your home and is primarily meant to ward off subterranean termites. This treatment may be more invasive than it sounds. Termite control experts may need to drill through slabs and even foundation walls in order to treat vulnerable areas where subterranean termites are likely to enter.

The Best-Rate Termite Difference

A chemical barrier is not 100% effective. It is sometimes challenging to determine all of the potential entry points that termites will use. Also, even a small gap in the repellent can give termites the doorway they need to march on into your home. So, while a chemical barrier can’t guarantee that your home will never be infested, it can drastically decrease your chance of experiencing an infestation.

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San Diego Termite Chemical Barriers

Why Are Termite Chemical Barriers Needed?

Chemical barriers are designed to set a perimeter around your home to avoid termites from entering and settling inside of your home.  Once you find termites inside of your home it’s more work to eradicate them. By setting a chemical barrier you can avoid termite from entering your home in the first place. If you’d like one of our contractors to come out to your home please contact us. 

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