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Best Rate offers termite treatments to help protect your home from infestations. Depending on the areas that need to be chemically treated, localized treatments can be very effective for eradicating termites in a specific area, however controlling termites may take more than just a localized treatment and may require a whole house fumigation.

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Termite Control

Here at Best-Rate we have several different termite control options depending on your property and the type of termite.   Below you will find different termite treatment options for the different species of termites.  Your Best-Rate Termite Inspector will suggest different termite control systems that are tailored to your properties specific needs. 

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Subterranean Termite Control Options

Before we get started on the different types of termite control services we offer, let us teach you a little bit about subterranean termites. They live in soil under the structure and must have moisture to survive. Subterranean Termites will create mud tubes to travel up into your structure; these mud tubes protect them from outside elements. Treating the soil is a way to help prevent an infestation. When one of our licensed inspectors comes out to inspect the property they will be able to determine what type of treatment is best to control the infestation. Below are just a couple of the different ways subterranean termites can be controlled.

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Drill and Treat:

Drill through the concrete down into the soil and inject the termiticide. This termite soil treatment will create a barrier and will help protect the structure from subterranean termites entering the subarea and establishing colonies. This termite treatment is only for areas around the perimeter of the structure in which are concrete.

Trench and Treat:

Create a trench in the soil around the exterior perimeter of your structure not going past the footing. Treat the trenched soil with a termiticide, and then backfill and treat the backfill soil. This termite treatment once again creates a barrier around the exterior of the structure detouring subterranean termites for entering under the subarea.

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Drywood Termite Control Options

Drywood termites live in the structure of your property. They get the moisture needed to survive from the cellulose (wood) they eat. There are several different options on how to treat for drywood termites. When one of our licensed inspectors comes out to inspect the property they will be able to determine what type of treatment is best to control the infestation. Here at Best-Rate we perform two of these treatments which have been proven to have the highest efficacy.

Localized Treatment:

This termite infestation treatment method is called a spot treatment. Once the drywood termites are located a licensed applicator will then drill into the wood using a 1/8 bit at the galley and inject a low toxic termiticide, which will then eradicate all the termites in that one specific galley (area). This is not a whole structure eradication treatment. This treatment can only be done in visible and accessible areas only.


This is a whole structure termite control treatment. When your structure is fumigated you will need to vacate the premises for a total of two nights and three days. A licensed fumigator will then cover your home with a tarp and inject a true gas called Vikane and a warning agent called Chloropicrin. The warning agent is used solely because you cannot see, smell, or taste Vikane. Chloropicrin is essentially a tear gas used to worn off any invaders who may try to enter the tent during the fumigation process.

This termite treatment guarantees that every living termite in the structure will be eradicated if performed correctly. We here at Best-Rate give you a two-year warranty on the structure after it has been fumigated. Once the two-year warranty is up, you will have the option to renew that warranty annually for a fee as part of our Termite Control Service (TCS) program. If you have any wood repairs that need to be completed, Best Rate suggests that you have them completed prior to the fumigation. Reason being, you can get wood from the lumber yard with an active infestation already in it, which then could re-infest your home.


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