The last thing anyone wants to think about during the rainy season is possible termite damage to their home; and this is why we felt the urge to quickly touch on this subject as a brief reminder during these rare, rainy days.

Although rain may not directly affect termite activity; it is the circumstances created by the rain that is what can drive termites in droves. Termites require moist soil to thrive, making the newly dampened ground surrounding your home the perfect environment for termites and other pests to make their breeding grounds.

There is good news for homeowners, because you can help prevent subterranean termites by eliminating standing water or moisture around your home!

Here are just a couple of ways to do that:

  • Look for areas that naturally collect water around your home. Does your deck slope toward your home, causing water to puddle? Has it been years since you’ve re-stained your wooden patio? Does your crawl space keep the ground moist for a long time after a rain? All of these issues are practically begging for a subterranean termite invasion.
  • Move mulch away from your home. The entire purpose of mulch is to help keep dirt moist so that your flowers or shrubs or other plants can stay hydrated. While this is a great idea for your blooms, mulch is also a favorite termite snack. If you pack mulch right up against your home, the termites will just keep on eating, eating, eating until they are in your walls. Instead, make sure to create a barrier of at least a foot between mulch and the foundation of your home.
  • Clean your gutters. Ideally, your gutters will collect water from your roof and take it away from your home. When your gutters get clogged with leaves and debris, moisture will collect. Subterranean termites couldn’t ask for a better buffet! Clean your gutters regularly, and look for leaks.
  • Move anything organic away from your home that could collect water. If you stack a wood pile against your home, piles of newspapers, basically anything that can collect water, it creates the perfect bridge for subterranean termites to move from the outdoors into your home. The best way to prevent subterranean termites is to remove as many of these moisture bridges as possible.

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