It’s time – It’s finally your turn to host Christmas for friends and family this year. Whether you’re excited about it or not, you know what you have to do. Time to clean the house, perhaps do a couple repairs; but, all of a sudden you begin to realize a common occurrence around the house… You see what looks like wood shavings everywhere you look.

If you’re like the majority, you probably aren’t even sure what those wood shavings really are, or where they came from.

Now, the last thing anyone wants to think about during the Holiday season is about how much potential devastation a termite colony may be doing to the structure of their home; but the reason we felt the need to bring up such an ugly issue during the “happy” months of the year is simple:

Just because you’re choosing not to think about a potential termite issue, doesn’t mean the issue will go away; and this is moreso a fact during the warm Winter months of San Diego.

Termites, being cold-blooded creatures take on the same temperatures of the air, water, and soil around them. So while many people assume the frigid cold whether is enough to kill off any termite colonies trying to stay warm in the freezing soil and wood structures of their home; the temperature simply doesn’t get cold enough in San Diego to affect the termites, as it can in other geographic areas of the country like the East Coast.

What do you do now?

If you’ve seen termite droppings around the house, we highly suggest getting it taken care of sooner, rather than later. If termite damage is caught early enough, a professional termite company can do damage control before the infestation spreads and creates devastatingly more expensive issues to the entire structure of your home’s wood.

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